Deluxe Bicycle Tune-Up

Deluxe Bicycle Tune-Up

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DELUXE TUNE-UP ($160 labor*)

bike may be brought in for service any time through March 10, 2019)

This is our most comprehensive tune-up service. Recommended for any bicycle that has not been regularly maintained, or that is heavily used. Includes the following:

  • Wheel truing, tensioning, dishing and adjustment of hubs.

  • Removal of build-up from the rims to increase rim and brake pad life, and braking power.
  • Adjustment and testing of braking systems.

  • Adjustment and testing of shifting systems.

  • Headset adjustment.

  • If applicable the bottom bracket is adjusted.

  • If applicable, the quill stem and brake bosses are greased.

  • Full degreasing and re-lubricationof the drivetrain

  • Labor to replace worn parts as needed, such as inner tubes, tires, brake pads, brakes, cables, housing, chains, cassettes, frozen brakes, cranks, chainrings, etc.

  • Full detail cleaning and polishing of all external parts and frame.

  • Safety inspection and correct attachment of wheels, components and accessories.

  • Application of lubricant to chain, grease to seatpost, and LocTite for small nuts and bolts.

  • Labor to install additional accessories purchased from Cosmic Bikes, including grips, tires, inner tubes, rim strip, seat,mirror, noise making device, lock bracket, computer, racks and fenders.

  • 90-day labor guarantee.

  • *The Tune-Up price is only for LABOR and does not include any needed parts. There can a lot of variation here, depending on the condition of the bicycle and the needs of the rider. The only way to really nail it down is bring you bike in and discuss the repair with the mechanic. You will receive a complete estimate for your approval, including labor, parts and time-frame for completion, before we proceed with any repairs. Estimates are free of charge.

  • A $5 supply and recycling fee is added to all our major tune-ups, complete assemblies and custom builds, and some a la carte services to help offset the cost of cardboard recycling, and shop supplies and materials, including cleaners, lubricants, small hardware and shop towels.