"World Traveler" Brompton P6R Raw Lacquer

"World Traveler" Brompton P6R Raw Lacquer

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The bike that inspired the Live Large Pack Small lifestyle. Quintessential Raw Lacquer Brompton finish, versatile P-handlebar, 6-speeds, and rear rack, which you may need for your longest journeys. Comes with the front mounted T-Bag,  Brompton's biggest bag, which fits nicely into our ultra-packable lifestyle, since it will hold everything you need for a 1-3 day journey.

About Brompton:

Every Brompton folding bicycle is hand-crafted in England, and offers lightning-quick (<15 seconds), super-easy folding and unfolding, the most compact, portable and secure folded package (24x24x8 inches), and a comfortable, efficient and dignified ride. Bromptons are unsurpassed for multi-modal commuting, travel and compact storage. And -- they never need to be locked outside.

Model highlights:

  • Multi-Position P-Handlebar
  • 6-speed
  • R-version includes mudguards and rack
  • All-steel frame
  • Premium Raw Lacquer Finish
  • Standard height seat-post
  • Brooks B17 Special Saddle (choose men's or women's)
  • Upgraded Schwalbe Marathon Tires
  • Front Carrier Block for mounting Brompton luggage
  • Includes Brompton T-Bag
  • Includes Brompton Toolkit which fits into the front of the frame for storage

More information:

Everything about the Brompton is designed from the ground up to fit into the way you live and move around the city. The Brompton accessories are thoughtfully designed to enhance your cycling experience. Riding the Brompton, and using the full range of its features and accessories is a pleasure that only a well-crafted product can offer.

Brompton’s small 16”x1 3/8” wheels raise eyebrows, but those wheels give the bike the ability to accelerate quickly and navigate nimbly over urban streets. They are also great for climbing.

Bromptons fold quickly, compactly and securely, and are fantastic for urban travel that includes buses, trains or taxis. Their compact size also makes them great for spontaneous weekend getaways: they fit neatly inside a car without taking up much space or requiring a special rack. They’re unbeatable for air travel, and can be easily checked as standard luggage.

A Brompton will store easily inside your home, taking up no more space than a large shopping bag. Or stash neatly at your work, gym or restaurant, and fit into a grocery cart while you shop, so it never needs to be locked outside risking theft.

It is a deceptively tough bike, designed for daily, year round use. A variety of luggage options integrate seamlessly with the bike, making it supremely versatile and useful for both utilitarian and recreational travel.

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